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Up to now, specialist installers in the Electric Car Charging industry have created their own guidelines as to what constitutes a standard installation. We have purposely structured our standard installation package similarly so that you can easily compare our prices.

Note: The wiring in the property must be in compliance with current wiring regulations. It also assumes that correct electrical connections and protections are available on the property.

Our standard Install includes:

  • The fitting of the iAcharger on a brick or plaster wall (or other suitable permanent structure).

  • Routing of the cable through one drilled hole in a wall up to 500mm (20 inches) thick (where needed). More if needed at additional cost.

  • Up to 10m of approved cabling, run and neatly clipped to the wall between the distribution board and the EV charge point up to a height of 1.8m.

  • All electrical connections at the origin of the supply and EV charge point.

  • Installation of a RCBO Type A (1P+N 6kA C-40A 30mA) in distribution board.

  • Electrical testing and the completion certification.

  • Demonstration of the EV charge point functions and mobile phone App (if applicable).


Not included in a standard installation:

  • An earth rod in soft ground (some types of installation require an earth electrode to be fitted to comply with the new wiring regulations BS7671 - introduced in January 2019).

  • Lifting and/or replacement of carpets and floor boards.

  • Additional metal clad consumer board 

  • Installing cabling in roof and ceiling voids without a draw cord being installed.

  • Trenching or civil works for the installation of cabling

  • Fitting and configuration of load balance kit

  • External isolator switch


Limitations to installation:

  • Entering restricted areas such as ceilings or roof voids, if deemed unsafe to do so.

  • Working in adverse weather conditions such as heavy persistent rain.

  • Installing the cable above 1.8m or suspended between buildings via a overhead system.

  • Installing a charge point where it may become damaged by passing vehicles and general usage of the property.

  • The charge point must be installed in a location that does not allow the lead to be run off the properties boundary or create a tripping hazard.


Installation warranty:

  • All installation works and electrical materials supplied are guaranteed for a period of 12 months (T&C’s apply).

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