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iAccess as a company are driven by the desire to see a more ecologically balanced world.
We are committed to support and encourage the adaption of products and lifestyle that not only lowers ecological damage but to do our utmost to repair it.
We are the caretakers of our planet and owe it to our children to not only promote but live a life that is of benefit to society and our Earth and its ecosystems.
We believe widespread adaption of electric vehicles is one of the key area’s all of us can have a significant and immediate impact.
iAccess as a company therefore are committed to do our part to enable more rapid and widespread adaption of EV’s by making sure our products and prices are best in class and great value.
We also are committed to excellent customer service as we expect our customers will be with us for the long haul and upgrade as and when appropriate as technology moves on, for example we believe in 4 to 5 (or even sooner) years time bi-directional Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Vehicle to Home (V2H) will become the norm. This will mean that V2G using our backend software can provide Utilities with a peak time resource and give income to the home owner. In a V2H setting your EV can and will become a great easily used battery backup for  your home during any power outages due to storm or other power supply damage.
Yes iA – intelligent access with underlying software embedded in EV chargers will pave the way for a much more ECO friendly world.

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