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Not much and you will save significantly compared to the cost of petrol or diesel fuel. In addition, there are a number of specialist electric energy tariffs which can save you even more money (night rate for example). 

The average cost to charge an electric car at home if on low tariff (night rate for example).

Night Rate charging:
Take the size of the EV battery (kW) x electricity rate (pence per kWh) x number of kilometres per kW for example if your EV has a 64kW battery and you are on a low tariff night rate it could be 64 x 9 cent* = €5.76 for a total charge from Zero. If the 64kW example car does an average of 400 Kilometres per full charge its under 1.5 cent a Kilometre! This example should be adjusted to match the different tariffs in each country.

This will give you the cost of a full charge, although it will be very rare that you will need to charge from zero to full - most of the time you will just need to "top up" the battery to give you enough range for the next day or two.

Compare this to your petrol or diesel costs per kilometre, typically 3 times as much.


(*night rate charge in Ireland)

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